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Switzerland’s driest summer for more than a decade threatening water supplies

26 Jul , 2018,
Dragan Kaludjerovic
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The lack of rainfall and precipitation has severely diminished groundwater levels, say the relevant authorities in Switzerland. Last month “was the driest June for over 100 years,” according to the Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology in its monthly report. The region of Eastern Switzerland but also the cantons of Zurich, Zug and Aargau remain the worst affected by the drought.

According to the Federal Office for the Environment, natural aquifers and groundwater supplies have been steadily decreasing over the last three months.

The dry summer has also seen wildfire warnings raised. The fire department were deployed to extinguish 20 alone in the last week, reports SRF.

While drinking water levels are still not threatened, the dry season is having an impact on rivers and lakes. With little relief to the drought in sight, further bans on extracting water are expected to come into place in the coming days, with citizens cautioned to reduce water usage in many areas.

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