Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Models

3D/2D Groundwater Models

Chosing a groundwater modeling program for your specific application can be a challenging endeavour. Advanced Groundwater Technologies is here to help. We work with customers to find the best suited software for their project type and goals. Call us to learn more about the groundwater models we sell and support.

Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Models

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We offer a complete range of industry-standard groundwater flow and contaminant transport models. We support you from selecting the best modeling software to after-the-sale support through our online or in-class training courses.

Applications and Use:

  • Determining the migrational pathways of contaminanted groundwater
  • Wellhead capture zone delineation
  • Estimating water volumes for water supply (industry, municipal, agricultural, energy)
  • Calculating and optimizing pumping rates for mine dewatering of open pit mines
  • Optimization of remediation system design (pump-and-treat, funnel-and-gate, reactive walls, natural attenuation)
  • Developing integrated watershed management plans

Observation Wells & Water Table

Simulation of unconfined aquifer

Contaminant Plume
Aquifer Storage & Recovery

Groundwater model in ASR design

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