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Document from which you can learn a lot about PFAS – Poly- and Perfloursoalkyl SUbstances (PFAS), key emerging contaminants in groundwater

21 Dec , 2016,
Dragan Kaludjerovic
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There is much investigation in recent time in scientific community about two key emerging contaminates in groundwater – PFAS (PFOS and PFOA are important PFAS) and 1,4 Dioxane. Recently, on May 25,  2016 USEPA established long-term health advisory levels of PFOS and PFOA to 70 ng/l.

Why are PFAS so important to our health? PFAS is everywhere, in plastic coatings, coated textile (water proof fabrics for ex.), food packaging, fire fighting facilities, metal plating and cleaning, lubricants and many more.

Great source of information concerning PFAS can be found in this CONservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe document – Environmental fate and effects of Poly- and Perfloursoalkyl SUbstances (PFAS) which you can download it if you click here

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