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First step in design ASR (Aquifer Storage Recovery) system – preliminary hydrogeological assessment

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) has becomes a popular term in today’s water resources management for good reason. MAR’s driver is increased world water use. According to Water Consumption Statistics’ web site, where data are provided by the United Nations (UN, UNESCO, and FAO), agriculture acco...

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Remote Sensing and Groundwater Modeling, more insight with references….

Application of Remote Sensing in hydrogeology and geology is widespread, its main advantage is coverage of large area including hard to access areas. It can also provide different spatial, temporal and spectral data. Remote sensing is observing land surface and in order to get usable info about  su...


Document from which you can learn a lot about PFAS – Poly- and Perfloursoalkyl SUbstances (PFAS), key emerging contaminants in groundwater

There is much investigation in recent time in scientific community about two key emerging contaminates in groundwater – PFAS (PFOS and PFOA are important PFAS) and 1,4 Dioxane. Recently, on May 25,  2016 USEPA established long-term health advisory levels of PFOS and PFOA to 70 ng/l. Why are P...


Large watershed simulation (SWAT) connected with groundwater flow model in QGIS

SWAT is acronym for Soil and Water Assessment Tool and it is river basin, or watershed scale model developed in USDA Agriculture Research Service. SWAT was developed to predict impact of land management practices on water, sediment and agriculture chemical yield in large complex watersheds with vary...


Do you have doubts which GIS software to use in your projects? See this QGIS and ArcGis comparison

GIS is part of almost every project you are going to make in hydrogeology, geology and others engineering fields. In order to help you to choose the best GIS software for you we are sharing this comparison between two I think the most commonly used GIS software – QGIS and ArcGis. If you click ...

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