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Large watershed simulation (SWAT) connected with groundwater flow model in QGIS

SWAT is acronym for Soil and Water Assessment Tool and it is river basin, or watershed scale model developed in USDA Agriculture Research Service. SWAT was developed to predict impact of land management practices on water, sediment and agriculture chemical yield in large complex watersheds with vary...


Do you have doubts which GIS software to use in your projects? See this QGIS and ArcGis comparison

GIS is part of almost every project you are going to make in hydrogeology, geology and others engineering fields. In order to help you to choose the best GIS software for you we are sharing this comparison between two I think the most commonly used GIS software – QGIS and ArcGis. If you click ...


Groundwater flow modeling in complex geological settings

When it comes to groundwater flow modeling in complex geological settings one need to have different software tools. Recently I have discovered one very sophisticated path which I will share with you: 1) Build a complex 3D geology model in GeoModeller using geology maps, contacts, dips, drillhole da...


Why it is important in hydrogeology to know GIS and remote sensing?

  This satellite image above is taken over northern part of Serbia from Sentinel 2A satellite in 1st part of the 2016. It has false color that emphasis the agricultural fields. Software like QGIS is open source software (FREE in simple words) and it is being used all around the world in differe...


Presentations from 3D Geomodeller meeting in France in 2015. available for download

  From 18th-20th November 2015 in France, Orleance, 3D Geomodeller meeting was held. 3D Geomodeller is software for 3D complex geology modeling that can be later translated to hydrogeology models. Basically, 3D geological model in 3D Geomodeller is constrained by borehole log data, surface geol...

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