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2018. – Training and consulting in groundwater modeling for companies in New Mexico, Texas, Vancouver and Australia. Remote Sensing training for radar satellites for engineers in Spain – application in geology.
2018. – The 1st Annual Online Conference Groundwater – Science and Practice – was held on 12th Jun and it was success! Over 40 professionals registered, mostly from US and UK. Contact us for recordings.

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More then 50 years of joint consulting experience internationally in water resources and environmental protection field. 15 minutes free consultation.

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Our new webinars - 2018

Building better groundwater models - calibration is not enough anymore

Building a defensible model requires calibration as necessarily step in groundwater modeling workflow. Usually modeler divides model area in homogeneous zones of for ex. hydraulic conductivity and then calibrate the model either manually (less and less often done...) or automatically using PEST....

Recent advancements in PEST introduced highly parameterized inversion with regularization as improved version of calibration

What becomes obvious is that it is not enough to stop modeling workflow with calibration and running prediction - next step, uncertainty analysis is necessary to quantify the uncertainty and based on that improve decision making.

This webinar will give quick introduction to uncertainty analysis with Groundwater Vistas and PEST.

Click on video recording above
Click on video recording above

Determination of causes of geothermal well clogging – case study from SE Europe, microbial aspect

In the recent literature on water well clogging (or plugging) it was found that 80% of causes of well deterioration was caused by microbes.

During the summer of 2017. in SE Europe geothermal well experienced problems with incrustation. Although the temperature of water in well is about 56 C it was suspected that origin was biological.

Microbiological testing was done to prove that, and the results were positive. Next round of sampling is scheduled in about 3 weeks, after well rehabilitation which will possible confirm lower bacteria number and good effectiveness of water well rehabilitation.

What Our Clients Say


Dragan is a fantastic technical resource. With his assistance, I’ve been able to greatly improve my groundwater modeling and GIS skills. I will continue to seek him out for my professional development needs. He provided great value and was a pleasure to work with!
Bob Marley Senior Hydrogeologist at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC





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