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Two watershed simulation, 1900km2 and 700 km2 are done in USA and Europe with SWAT model. GUI for this SWAT simulation was QGIS. We are ready to share with you knowledge we gain. Contact us for more info!

Currently we are working on projects in Asia, Africa, South America and Europa! Groundwater remediation, Water Resources Management, Dewatering, Groundwater Modeling. The biggest project includes about 500 monitoring wells. Contact us for more info!.


Consulting Services

More then 50 years of joint consulting experience internationally in water resources and environmental protection field. 15 minutes free consultation.


Training Courses

Are you interested to learn groundwater modeling, GIS, Remote Sensing? Attend one of our scheduled training courses


Software Products

Learn about our state-of-the-art environmental modeling software used extensively throughout the world to manage water resources.

We are proud!

November 2016, Just finished NASA five weeks course in Remote Sensing and its application in Water Resources!

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Let's talk about how AGWT can help you optimize your remediation challenges.

What our customers say..

– Goran Vizintin
Assistant professor for Applied Geophysics at the Ljubljana University
“My name is Goran Vizintin, I’m former Slovenian IAH president and assistant professor for Applied Geophysics at the Ljubljana University, thanks to Dragan Kaludjerovic I’m now using Groundwater Vistas for groundwater and geophysical invers problems modeling.”
– John Doherty
Owner, Watermark Numerical Computing
I have known Dragan for many years.
I am most impressed with his dedication to hard work, and the breadth of his knowledge on environmental data acquisition and processing, software, and modelling.
– Dr. Sven Follin,
SF GeoLogic, Sweden
“It is never too late to learn groundwater flow modeling. I find Dragan’s ( Dr. Kaludjerovic) guidance and demonstrations with GW Vistas very helpful! We had great fun together and I learned a lot over a short period of time.”
– SanMari Woithe
Geohydrologist at VSA Leboa Consulting
During October 2016, I did a short course with Dragan Kaludjerovic via skype meetings on the topic of “Introduction to Remote Sensing with application to Geology”.
Dragan is an excellent tutor with great knowledge on his profession. With regular skype meetings I was taken through an easy to follow, step by step process of how Remote Sensing and the application thereof works. The follow-up open communication after completion of the course, is valuable to have for whenever you run into a problem.
I can recommend anybody who wants to know more about Remote Sensing and any relevant application thereof, to make contact with Dragan.
– Gary D. Moore, PG, PHG
Water Supply and Water Resources Specialist
“Dragan Kaludjerovic, PhD is one of the top professionals worldwide in mathematical modeling of groundwater systems. Based on 20 years experience working with Dr. Kaludjerovic, I can confidently recommend him as a teacher and/or project consultant; his experience and knowledge of mathematical modeling methods, tools, and techniques are extensive.”
– Thomas Ballard, PG, CHG
Consulting Hydrogeologist
“I’ve worked with Dragan online as he has provided training for QGIS, karst vulnerability studies and remote sensing for a variety of geological applications. The training has been excellent and it is clear that Dragan is very knowledgeable in these topics. Furthermore, he has excellent connections and is able to pull in other resources to provide more in-depth discussions, as necessary. He is always available for questions and truly goes above and beyond in his training classes. I have gained a lot of knowledge over a short period of time working with Dragan and would highly recommend his services to others.”
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