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2017. – Training for Brazilian water resource company in 3D geology modelling with GeoModeller 4Contact us for more info!
2017. – Groundwater recharge determination in South Africa. Lab determination of unsaturated hydraulic parameters and their implementation in unsaturated numerical model. Contact us for more info!
2017. – Developed monitoring program for large agricultural company (> 10 000 ha) with Remote Sensing – vegetation indices, evapotranspiration, thermal imaging, agriculture modeling fertilization application  Contact us for more info!

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Determination of causes of geothermal well clogging – case study from SE Europe, microbial aspect

In the recent literature on water well clogging (or plugging) it was found that 80% of causes of well deterioration was caused by microbes.

During the summer of 2017. in SE Europe geothermal well experienced problems with incrustation. Although the temperature of water in well is about 56 C it was suspected that origin was biological.

Microbiological testing was done in order to prove that, and the results were positive. Next round of sampling is scheduled in about 3 weeks, after well rehabilitation which will possible confirm lower bacteria number and good effectiveness of water well rehabilitation.

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I have known Dragan for many years. I am most impressed with his dedication to hard work, and the breadth of his knowledge on environmental data acquisition and processing, software, and modelling.
John Doherty Owner, Watermark Numerical Computing





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