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Advanced Groundwater Technologies (AGWT), is a knowledge-based group of groundwater and vadose zone consultants serving clients worldwide in the environmental restoration and water supply industries. AGWT’s principal investigator, Dragan Kaludjerovic Ph.D., leads a group of energetic and experienced scientists specializing in quantitative hydrogeology and earth processes.

Our specialized services include:

  • Design and Optimization of Remediation Systems
  • Advanced Numerical Analysis of Groundwater Flow
  • Model Calibration and Parameter Estimation Techniques
  • Application of MT3DMS program (multi-species contaminant transport)
  • Application of RT3D 2.5 (simulation of biodegradation and reactions)
  • Application of MODFLOW-SURFACT (advanced MODFLOW modeling)
  • Application of HELP (landfill hydrology optimization)
  • Application of VS2DI (unsaturated flow and contaminant transport)


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What our customers say..

“Dragan Kaludjerovic, PhD is one of the top professionals worldwide in mathematical modeling of groundwater systems. Based on 20 years experience working with Dr. Kaludjerovic, I can confidently recommend him as a teacher and/or project consultant; his experience and knowledge of mathematical modeling methods, tools, and techniques are extensive.”
– Gary D. Moore, PG, PHG
Water Supply and Water Resources Specialist
“My name is Goran Vizintin, I’m former Slovenian IAH president and assistant professor for Applied Geophysics at the Ljubljana University, thanks to Dragan Kaludjerovic I’m now using Groundwater Vistas for groundwater and geophysical invers problems modeling.”
– Goran Vizintin
“It is never too late to learn groundwater flow modeling. I find Dragan’s ( Dr. Kaludjerovic) guidance and demonstrations with GW Vistas very helpful! We had great fun together and I learned a lot over a short period of time.”
– Dr. Sven Follin,
SF GeoLogic, Sweden
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